China suspends air routes from Thailand after positive covid tests, airlines say no passengers disembarked in Thailand

The Civil Aviation Administration of China has suspended two air routes from Thailand to China after several passengers tested positive for coronavirus upon landing.

The two routes, a Thai Lion Air route operating from Bangkok – Don Muang to Guangzhou and a Air Asia X route from Bangkok – Don Muang to Tianjin, were suspended by the CAAC for one week according to its official website.

Six passengers tested positive from the Guangzhou route while five passengers tested positive from the Tianjin route.

However, both airlines maintained that no passenger disembarked in Thailand and that the Bangkok stop was transit point.

Lion Air and Air Asia X representatives said that their respective airlines followed Thailand’s civil aviation authority guidelines strictly and no disembarkation was allowed and safety measures were enforced on the plane.

The Lion Air Flight’s point of origin was Jakarta, Indonesia while the Air Asia X flight had made stops in the Philippines and Malaysia before stopping in Don Muang.


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