Pro-monarchy group set to hold demonstration in Bangkok; warns student to remember October 6 massacre and not cross the line

A pro-royalist group comprised of vocational students and supporters will rally at Democracy Monument in Bangkok on Thursday possibly provoking a confrontation with pro-democracy students.

The vocation student group called กลุ่มอาชีวะช่วยชาติ or “vocation students to protect the nation” said on their Facebook page that they will be demonstrating at Democracy monument and voicing their opinion on the current surge of pro-democratic student protests that are taking place throughout the country.

According to local media, in an open letter, the group said that the student protests have had anti-monarchy content which they say is fake news. The group said that spreading disinformation about the institution was damaging towards the country.

The student group also added that the royal institution should not be brought in when criticizing the Prayuth government and that such criticisms could lead to greater division and conflict within Thai society.

In an ominous warning, the group warned that if the students pushed the boundaries, it could result in the events similar to October 6, 1976, Thammasat University massacre (For more on October 6, read here).

Pro-democracy monuments are also due to be held on Thursday, prompting concern from the public about possible clashes between the two groups.

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