Move Forward Party defends decision to withdraw from constitutional reform committee

Thailand’s progressive Move Forward Party is defending its decision on Monday to withdraw from parliament’s constitutional reform committee.

Move Forward MPs told Thai Enquirer on Wednesday that its decision to withdraw was based on a myriad of factors.

According to MFP MP Rangsiman Rome, the party decided to back out because the committee refused to discuss possible amendments to clauses in the constitution related to the monarchy.

“We disagree with the committee decision to not allow us amend the sections,” Rangsiman told the Thai Enquirer. 

Rangsiman told Thai Enquirer that although no one was trying to change Thailand to become a republic, the demand of student protesters that conservative institutions must be reformed should be addressed.

“What the MFP is trying to do is to create as much space as possible [for dialogue]” Rangsiman continued.

When asked about the how would the MFP move forward in amending or changing the constitution, Rome told Thai Enquirer that the most immediate problem was the military’s legacy lingering on the pages of the charter.

MFP would move to immediately dissolve the senate and its 250 military-appointed senators.


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