Anti-government rallies now taking hold in the Northeast of Thailand

Two anti-government rallies took place in the Northeastern region of Thailand on Thursday – one in Khon Kaen and the other in Nakhon Ratchasima.

Both of the protests, much like the ones held in Bangkok, demanded political reform and for the government to stop harassing dissidents.

However, they also had their own rituals and chants.

The Khon Kaen province protest, organized by the group ขอนแก่นพอกันที (Khon Kaen has had enough), was at the Chao Por Lak Mueang Shrine where a miniature version of the democracy monument is located. 

Besides the usual speeches given at protests, the Khon Kaen organizers also held a Buddhist ritual, setting up a photo of the prime minister amid numerous ceremonial objects. The protestors then performed a ceremony to chase the dictators out. 

The protestors also had their own theme songs, such as “chase them out” and “Khon Kaen has had enough,” and dances they performed following the directions of the protest leaders on stage.  

At Nakhon Ratchasima, the protest was organized by กลุ่มเยาวชนโคราช (Youth of Korat) at the Thao Suranari or Ya Mo Monument – a famous, well-respected national heroine who defeated an army from Laos over 200 years ago.

The protestors held signs chanting their disapproval of the 250 senators and were also shouting for Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan to leave the office. 


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