Opinion: Government’s misplaced priorities has Thailand firmly back in the third world

This second round of lockdown has seen some of the most heart-breaking consequences of failed government policy, doubly so as all of this could have been avoided.

From a country that once praised itself for being able to contain the spread of the virus, we have transitioned to a country that is now struggling to get beds for the sick.

Our frontline workers are on their last legs trying to provide care to those that need it while temple crematoriums work overtime to accommodate the dead.

This government, along with all the other agencies, could have capitalized on the good start we had by actually planning ahead.

You would expect a competent government to come up with a comprehensive strategy for a worst case scenario.

From planning to get more beds, ICU facilities, medical equipment, and a competent vaccine strategy for all, these are steps a competent government should make.

A competent government would also put in place an emergency economic plan that would compensate people if another lockdown was needed. 

Instead things were taken for granted and now there is a lack of everything and a lockdown comes too little, too late.

To top it off, the government now runs a gulag archipelago filled with sick and dying workers, not being fed, not being paid.

Let’s not even mention the botch vaccination scheme.

This mess we are in reflects the government’s priority. They would rather chase down students and dissidents than manage the country properly during a time of crisis.

They would rather sue doctors and citizens who criticize them than work to make things better.

They would rather shut down newspapers than read negative headlines.

We now live in a country where the poor and homeless queue up for handouts, humanitarian assistance, and daily necessities from international organizations and charities.

We are firmly back in the third world.

If only our leaders were actually competent instead of “acting” competent. If only.


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