New hashtag trends on Twitter after more details emerge of government’s IO network mission

Thai social media is in outrage once again on Wednesday with the hashtag #แหกIO (break the IO), after details of the government’s military IO network mission were once again uncovered by a Move Forward Party representative during Tuesday’s censure debate.

On Tuesday’s censure debate, Move Forward Party MP for Bangkok Natcha Boonchaiinsawat, in what he labeled as the third and “final installment” in uncovering the Thai army’s secret IO network, revealed real footage of one of the army’s designated “office rooms” and a unit dedicated to manipulating pro-government sentiments and targeting political opposition figures on the internet.

The Move Forward MP revealed that these clips, which he received from a person inside the army, were meant to be presented and reported to the supervisors of the Royal Thai Army’s Information Operations Center, where the tasks are divided to support the “mission of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha.”

The videos also revealed the unit, which consisted of the army’s “cyber warriors” (นักรบไซเบอร์) working together and holding VTC meeting with other IO units across the country to work on the mission.

Mr. Natcha continued to disclose more information that each unit is specifically assigned with a very clear and detailed division of labor of which agency or personnel they are to track and follow. If successful with possible results, the supervisors and personnel in charge will be “rewarded” for their PR efforts.

“How would this not be called Operation IO Parasite, eating the entire country up?” Natcha spoke during the debate. “This terrible government PR stunt is considered one of the most serious security threats in our country.”

“The supervisors of each unit receive 200,000 baht per month from the army, which pays each of their subordinates working for the IO mission a total of 7,440 baht per month,” Move Forward Party shared on Twitter. “But these troops say they only receive 1,500 per month, and even none previously!”


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