Thailand wakes up to state of emergency, here are the provisions enacted so far

Thailand’s government has declared a state of emergency from March 26 to April 30 to combat against the coronavirus outbreak. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha’s government has put in place several rules and regulations that are designed to mitigate the growing number of cases and ensure the rule of law over the next few weeks.

Here are the new provisions we know of so far.

  • ‘Risky’ areas, such as sites of prior outbreaks including nightclubs and boxing stadiums, will be closed to the public indefinitely. Provincial governors will have the authority to declare which areas are risky and close them down
  • Indefinite closure of places of large gatherings such as schools, universities and entertainment venues
  • No hoarding of food, supplies, water, medicine
  • No public assembly
  • Media that publishes false information run the risk of arrest and closure
  • Provincial governors have complete control in their respective provinces
  • Persons over 70 years of age or with a history of illness as well as children under five years of age are banned from going outside
  • Military on standby and ready to step in should police force require it
  • Government and business owners are responsible for disinfecting all locations of gathering
  • All social events have not been banned but asked to scale down and be mindful
  • Inter-province travel is discouraged
  • New travel restrictions. Read more here.

Violaters of the new provisions could face up to two years in jail or a fine of 40,000 baht or both.


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