Viral debate over Y-Y fiction in Thailand and the use of celebrities in erotic fiction

Thai netizens have been engaged in an online debate that has gone viral on Wednesday involving the use of real-life people and celebrities in works of fan fiction.

The hashtag #การติ่งและGender (obsessed fan and gender) trended on Twitter after some netizens expressed outrage at erotic fan fiction which depicted celebrities or other real-life famous people. Some of the works of fiction are sold for money.

One netizen expressed his concern that rights were being violated when these celebrities were featured in erotic stories without consent and then shared.

Many of these stories involve an LGBTQ+ angle.

A lot of authors on the internet received messages asking them to quit writing fiction.

The campaign to stop the works of fiction has drawn healthy debate with many disagreeing with the campaign and pointing out that the writings were ‘harmless’ or a matter of free expression.

Many have come out to stand their ground to support the authors stating that reader discretion is required as this is only an imaginative story, moreover, this helps the popularity of the subject matter and the celebrities.


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